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Amusement Today, the monthly trade newspaper, AmusementToday.com, an online source for instant news, and Extra! Extra! Your Desktop Edition, a daily email newsletter, combine efforts to provide All NEWS, all the TIME! with the latest in news, photos, useful information and advertising affecting owners, managers and suppliers in the amusement industry.

AMUSEMENT TODAY With an average monthly mailing to more than 3,000 professionals, AT’s circulation base is comprised of the very people you want to target, the industry owners and managers who are the decision-makers. With advertising rates that are less than half the price of other similar news publications, along with a month-long shelf life, it’s easy to see why advertising in Amusement Today is a must buy. Special issues planned throughout the year allow for additional advertising exposure to your customers.

AMUSEMENTTODAY.COM AmusementToday.com provides late-breaking news in its “EXTRA! EXTRA!” section, all FREE of charge and with NO LOG–IN required. The Web site also provides information on the current printed issue, contacts, subscription rates and advertising information. With an average of 3,500 daily hits per month, and more than 1.2 million hits per year, our Web site has become the online source for news, information and advertising.

EXTRA! EXTRA! YOUR DESKTOP EDITION Everyday is News Day with Extra! Extra! Your Desktop Edition, a FREE daily newsletter delivered directly to your email address with all of the latest industry news from around the world. Sign up today!

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